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Frontier is an incredible Internet service that expands across the country. Frontier is available in 27 states nationwide. Call today to find out if your home is in a Frontier Internet coverage area.

Check out our Frontier availability throughout the country

Frontier covers over half the country and thrives in rural areas. We bring Internet to areas where other providers can’t. We care about our customers and ensuring their Internet satisfaction. Click on your state to learn more about Frontier Internet availability near you!

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The workforce behind Frontier is 100% based in the U.S. Our employees share our passion for quality customer service. Frontier provides top tier Internet and employs talented workers, as well as customer service employees.

Bundle high-speed Internet with top-notch home phone

Frontier Internet coverage provides fast, dedicated Internet access. Our services are found throughout the country and consistently offer high-speed Internet and high-tech home phone.

Frontier bundles are a way for you to customize your package based on your home needs. Frontier high-speed Internet is fast and dedicated. Frontier home phone service is reliable and offers many exclusive bonus features.

Bundles save time and money by offering you multiple services for a low price. These prices are guaranteed for 3 years and don’t require any contract.

Advantages of having Frontier Internet in your area

Frontier is a top provider of Internet service and is serviceable in 27 states! We are a trusted Internet service provider that offers several exclusive features to its customers.

  • Many years of experience – started in 1935
  • Bundles to save you money
  • 24/7 technical customer support
  • 100% United States based workforce
  • Dedicated connection – no sharing with neighbors
  • FREE modem – no lease or purchase fees
  • Connect up to 10 devices on your Internet connection
  • Zero contracts
  • Price guaranteed for 3 years

Frontier is especially popular in rural area where it is often the only high-speed Internet provider with a dedicated connection. Call today to get these great features and more!

Frontier coverage in your area

Call us today and one of our customer service agents can talk to you about Frontier availability where you live. With Frontier Internet coverage, we are able to reach more homes and provide Internet access to more users.

Our DSL high-speed Internet is a dedicated connection and runs directly into your home network to provide faster Internet.

Call now to set up your Frontier Internet service today!