Frontier FiOS Internet Is Fast

FiOS is blazing fast Frontier Internet. It’s time to upgrade your home and your devices to the fastest possible connection and get FiOS today!

What comes with Frontier FiOS

  • Advanced technology
  • Fast connection
  • Dedicated network
  • Easy streaming
  • 3-year price lock
  • No contract

What you can avoid with Frontier FiOS

  • Slow speed
  • Unnecessary frustration
  • Long wait-time for buffering
  • Shared network
  • Surprise price increases
  • Early termination fees

What is FiOS?

Frontier FiOS Internet uses cutting-edge fiber-optic technology to deliver the fastest Internet speeds and remove frustration that comes from slow buffering and latency.

FiOS is great for homes with a lot of users or customers who spend a lot of time on the Internet or require a fast, secure connection.

Frontier FiOS is a dedicated Internet connection. That means you don’t have to share your connection with your neighbors. You receive the Internet speeds you pay for. The Internet you want is the Internet you get.

Frontier FiOS uses 100% fiber-optic cables to deliver your Internet into your home. This means you don’t need cable or phone lines in order to get FiOS. Fiber-optic cables bring a smooth, clear and fast Internet connection into your home.

Get these extras with Frontier FiOS

Here are some stand-out FiOS features that you can look forward to with your Frontier FiOS Internet.

  • Dedicated connection
  • No messy cables or phone lines
  • FiOS modem with special capabilities
  • TumTiki and WatchESPN

TumTiki and WatchESPN are exclusive Frontier features. Check out the largest collection of free and rental TV episodes, movies, local content, clips and web original series online at With WatchESPN, keep up with your favorite sports teams and updates by watching hundreds of live sports events every month.

You don’t have to wait for the television schedule. Our shows are available on your watch whenever you want them.

Save time and money with Frontier FiOS

Our Frontier FiOS modem allows you to connect up to 10 wireless devices. And it’s absolutely FREE with your FiOS subscription. With a free modem, no early termination fees and a 36-month price lock, FiOS Internet plans save you money.

  • No contract
  • 3-year price guarantee
  • FREE modem
  • Low prices
  • Set up bundled services at the same time

Save now with Frontier Communications: FiOS bundles

Our FiOS network offers voice, video and data services through fiber-optic cables from the central office. We make it easy for you to keep in touch with friends, family and co-workers through a variety of platforms.

You can bundle your Frontier FiOS Internet service with phone or FiOS TV depending on your needs. Call now to see what FiOS speeds and services are available in your area!