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For The Best Internet In Fort Wayne, Indiana, There’s Only One Option: Frontier FiOS

Fort Wayne is a bustling city with a lot going on. To keep up with friends, family, events and activities, you need a reliable Internet service. Frontier FiOS in Fort Wayne is the fastest, most efficient Internet available to you.

Fort Wayne FiOS is an unbeatable service that won’t let you down. With speeds of up to 100 Mbps, you can choose the right plan to fit your needs.

Frontier FiOS offers exclusive features in Fort Wayne

With Frontier Internet, Fort Wayne residents can get cool features that enhance your Internet experience. For customers in Fort Wayne, FiOS offers the following capabilities that stand out from other providers:

  • High-speed Internet
  • Dedicated connection
  • FREE modem – a $50 value!
  • Speeds starting at 30 Mbps
  • Highly advanced fiber-optic technology
  • Incredible bundle deals
  • 3-year price guarantee
  • No binding contracts

This goes to show how our Fort Wayne Internet is the best option for its residents. We also have incredible bundles available in Fort Wayne.

The incredible Frontier FiOS market in Fort Wayne

Frontier’s FiOS network is our most powerful Internet service. FiOS is only available in a certain number of locations due to its new technology. However for residents of Fort Wayne, FiOS is an available Internet option. Fort Wayne is our biggest fiber-optic market, and if you live in an eligible residence, you can benefit from:

Low Prices: Frontier FiOS in Fort Wayne is a great service for a low price. Our prices are the lowest fiber-optic Internet prices in the area, meaning you get remarkably fast speed for a wonderfully low price.

Dedicated Network: For residents of Fort Wayne, Internet from FiOS can be yours. Cable runs on a shared network that has users share their Internet connection with up to 500 of their neighbors. Frontier does not. The Internet you pay for is the Internet you get, and you decide who gets to use it.

Accessible Modem: Our modem allows you to connect up to 10 devices to your wireless network at once. This modem converts the FiOS signal into usable Internet for you and your family making streaming and browsing easier than ever. And it’s absolutely FREE with your Fort Wayne FiOS!

Better Bundles: Frontier Communications in Fort Wayne gives you the best prices when you bundle your Internet and home phone services. If you’re looking to upgrade your package, the answer is Frontier. Fort Wayne is one of our best markets and our prices are unbeatable.

Call us today to set up your Internet connection

To find out more about availability in your area, call now! One of our customer service representatives can have you set up with Frontier FiOS Internet today.